A Journey Into Minimalism

A few months back, while on a self indulgent YouTube binge, I came across a video on minimalism. It was two guys talking about how they had these great corporate jobs, making tons of money, nice cars, nice stuff and yet they were miserable. Talking about the American dream, and how trapped, confined, helpless and lost they really were.

I spent the next few minutes watching that video, paying close attention as they explained why they gave it all up and how they are now so much happier. There was a link to their documentary at the end, so I clicked and spent the next hour and some odd minutes watching it.

I Love White Decor

I am one of those people who loves white decor. Simple, modern, clean, crisp, fluffy, shabby chic, any styles as long as they are white.

I also have mild OCD that I manage. Not by taking medication, but by having trained my brain over the years that it's ok to have some dust, or a dirty dish in the sink, or go a day without sweeping the hardwood floors. It has taken a long time, and even now I feel I am being lazy by not taking care of things.

But I love white decor.  And this is where my brain starts to do weird stuff!

New Beginnings

So that big number finally came along. I turned 50. And while to me, the number 50 sounds (and seems) better than all the previous 40 something numbers, the age itself is a little bit scary... and exciting! It's the time for change! Hence the name of my blog! Wasn't that just so very clever of me?

So as I start this blog, many plans come to mind! So many things I want to write about, and share with anyone who is willing to read. So much information and research that I have gathered, that I'd like to pass on.

While I go about my transformation (or attempts at the very least), I welcome you along on my journey!