A Journey Into Minimalism

A few months back, while on a self indulgent YouTube binge, I came across a video on minimalism. It was two guys talking about how they had these great corporate jobs, making tons of money, nice cars, nice stuff and yet they were miserable. Talking about the American dream, and how trapped, confined, helpless and lost they really were.

I spent the next few minutes watching that video, paying close attention as they explained why they gave it all up and how they are now so much happier. There was a link to their documentary at the end, so I clicked and spent the next hour and some odd minutes watching it.

There was a lot that resonated with me. No I don't have the corporate job, the fancy car or big house, but I did have a lot of stuff. I started taking a mental inventory. Stuff I held onto for sentimental reasons, or clothes I 'might' be able to wear again someday. Small collections that I don't even know why I was collecting. Too many kitchen items that were never used but I had to have because they were the latest and greatest gadgets. Eight place settings of dinnerware, silverware. Sets of wine glasses (red and white), whiskey, champagne, and shot glasses. Crafting supplies, office supplies, linens, towels, blankets. Why did I have 13 different pot holders?

I really did have too much stuff. I started feeling very overwhelmed. My anxiety kicked in and I felt as if I needed to do an immediate purge! That is how my journey started.

I am still on my minimalist journey. And I plan to be until my end :)